Saakalya’s Yoga instructors are all certified by the Institute of Vivekananda Yoga and Research Development, India (I.V.Y.R.D.). Available for group or corporate sessions, as well as private classes either in the studio or at home, there are opportunities for everyone to release the stresses of busy modern lifestyles.
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Alex Alexandra Schmutterer

Alex started practicing yoga in 2010 to relief the stress caused by her demanding job in the corporate world. After having noticed the impact of yoga on her life and health, Alex decided to become a yoga instructor herself to pass this experience and knowledge on to other people. Alex got her certificate from the Institute of Vivekananda Yoga and Research Development, India (I.V.Y.R.D.). She is conducting corporate yoga classes and private sessions of any size.

IMG-20160212-WA0005 Jessin Chua

Jessin started practicing yoga in 2012 to help relief stress and sharp pains at her back. After 4 years of practice, Jessin gradually learnt a lot about body awareness and she realised that yoga is something she is passionate about. Jessin did her teaching certificate at the Institute of Vivekananda Yoga and Research Development, India (I.V.Y.R.D) to gain more knowledge about yoga. Jessin wants to spread her passion and knowledge for yoga to people. Jessin loves conducting flow classes which can be of any form of creativity!

Miriam Mascall

In 2008 Miriam completed her first yoga training courses: a 200 hour yoga alliance course with Lance Schuler of Inspya Yoga, and a hot yoga teaching course with Bill Arce. In 2012, she completed an intensive Yin Yoga training with Paul Grilley, along with a pre/post natal yoga training course with Patricia Thielemann-Kapell.

Miriam found in yoga her true calling. Yoga brings harmony to her life, calmness to her emotions and peace to her busy mind. With great joy and enthusiasm, Miriam wants to share what she experiences through yoga – perfect harmony within itself, satisfaction, serenity and the happiness that comes with it.